Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Look at Some Vintage Magazines, Part 2

Let's continue our examination of a bunch of old magazines I bought:

No offense to director Jack Clayton, but that surely must rank as one of the most boring covers of Cinefantastique's history.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Look at Some Vintage Magazines, Part 1

If you've gotten here via The Truth Inside The Lie, welcome!  You'll notice that this blog doesn't have a whole lot to it yet, but trust me, it will in time; oh yes it will...

Anyways, as promised, here's a look at some old issues of Starlog I recently bought.

Let's start with this one:

I love that cover art.  I've never seen a single episode of Space: 1999, but it's on my list for eventual perusal.  In fact, given enough time, I"ll eventually be reviewing each and every episode right here at Where No Blog Has Gone Before.

Right inside the front cover, there is a photo that will make any semi-nerdy child of the seventies (and probably a fair numbers from the eighties) do that thing where you smile and frown at the same time:

Inside, there are good articles about the just announced Star Trek movie (which later got turned into a new television series, then back into a movie); Logan's Run, Space: 1999, Flash Gordon (PBS had evidently been airing the thirties serials and getting phenomenal ratings with them), The War of the Worlds, and notable sci-fi movie soundtracks.

The art for this wraparound cover is by Ira Gilford; sorry my scanner isn't big enough to take the whole thing at once!

The Star Wars coverage here is marvelous, and here's a fact that will be of interest to King fans: some of the interviews with cast and crew members were conducted by Mick Garris!

Lots of cool behind-the-scenes photos of effects work being filmed; here are two of the best:

Elsewhere in the issue, there are Close Encounters of the Third Kind interviews with Steven Spielberg and Douglas Trumbull, which are very good.

Great issue; I haven't even scratched the surface of it here.

Close Encounters is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time.  When I was a kid, I never had this issue of Starlog, but I'd see pictures of it in their back-issue advertisements and sort of pine for it and wish I did have a copy.

Well, by Gan, now I've got one!  Is it all I hoped it would be?  Eh . . . not really.  But it's pretty cool nevertheless.

Let's have a look at a few fun things that popped up over the course of this issue's eighty pages.