Monday, May 16, 2016

I've Been Catching Up On Recent Genre Shows

I've been such a slacker this year as regards blogging that I don't even consider myself a blogger these days.  My output at this particular blog has always been scattershot at best, of course, so if you only know me from here, you're already aware of my deficiencies in the area of consistency and timeliness.  But hey, it is what it is; I'm here today, so let's go with that.
Part of what I've been doing the past half a year or so is devoting time to getting caught up on a bunch of television shows that I foolishly tried to skip.
Here's the thing: I've been a fan of sci-fi television for literally as long as I can remember.  I can't remember becoming a Star Trek fan, which leads me to believe that it must have happened so early that my memory-formation skills hadn't even fully kicked in yet.  So yeah, I'm that guy, and have been ever since.
With that in mind, what sort of circumstance would enable to to justifiably skip watching ALL the new sci-fi shows that premiered last year?  What short-sightedness, what abandonment of purpose, what temporary lack of self-understanding would permit for this to happen?
I don't have an answer.  However, I will say this: I became cognizant toward the end of last year -- possibly spurred to action by The Force Awakens -- that it was a situation that could not stand.  In this instance, as regards this matter, the Dude could not abide.  So I decided to take on several of the shows I will be talking about here, and then my efforts expanded to encompass some of the others.  Having now gotten close to finishing, the time seems right to blog about the shows a bit.  So let's dive right in:

The oldest of the "new" shows considered here, Black Mirror aired its first episodes in late 2011 on the British network Channel 4.  I'd been aware of it for a while, having seen and heard reverent -- and (happily) non-specific -- mentions of it in various places.  I knew next to nothing when I sat down to watch the first episode, however.