Sci-Fi TV in Outer Space

Here's a list of notable sci-fi television shows set in outer space.  I make no claims to it being comprehensive, nor do I make any claims that I've been consistent in terms of what I included and excluded.
In short, I've settled for merely making a list of what I felt like listing.
If you feel I've omitted something that really ought to be included, feel free to leave me a comment making your case.  I've relied on Internet-based research for the dates and networks, so if you see any errors, let me know.
1950-1951     Buck Rogers  (ABC)
1950-1955     Tom Corbett, Space Cadet  (CBS, ABC, NBC and Dumont!)
1953-1954     Space Command  (CBC)
1954-1954     Rocky Jones, Space Ranger  (syndicated)
1954-1955     Flash Gordon  (syndicated)
1959-1960     Men Into Space  (CBS)
1963-1989     Doctor Who  (BBC One)
1965-1968     Lost In Space  (CBS)
1966-1969     Star Trek  (NBC)
1966-1966     Space Patrol Orion  (ARD)
1973-1974     Star Trek  (NBC)
1973-1973     Moonbase 3  (BBC)
1973-1973     The Starlost  (CTV)
1974-1975     Space Battleship Yamamoto  (Yomimuri)
1975-1977     Space: 1999  (ITV)
1976-1976     Star Maidens  (ITV)
1977-1978     Quark  (NBC)
1978-1981     Blake's 7  (BBC One)
1978-1981     Jason of Star Command  (CBS)
1978-1979     Battlestar Galactica  (ABC)
1979-1981     Buck Rogers in the 25th Century  (ABC)
1979-1984     Star Blazers  (?)
1980-1980     Galactica 1980  (ANC)
1980             The Martian Chronicles  (NBC)
1981-1981     The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy  (BBC Two)
1987-1987     Star Cops  (BBC Two)
1987-1994     Star Trek: The Next Generation  (syndicated)
1988-1993     Red Dwarf  (BBC Two)
1993-1999     Star Trek: Deep Space Nine  (syndicated)
1993-1998     Babylon 5  (PTEN, TNT)
1994-1995     Earth II  (NBC)
1995-2001     Star Trek: Voyager  (UPN)
1995-1996     Space: Above and Beyond  (Fox)
1997-1999     Red Dwarf  (BBC Two)
1997-2002     Lexx  (Global Television Network, Sci Fi)
1997-2007     Stargate SG-1  (Showtime, Sci Fi)
1998-1999     Cowboy Bebop  (TV Tokyo, WOWOW)
1999-2004     Farscape  (Nine Network)
1999-1999     Crusade  (TNT)
2000-2001     Cleopatra 2525  (syndicated)
2000             Dune  (Sci Fi) 
2000-2005     Andromeda  (Global, syndicated, Sci Fi)
2001-2004     Star Trek: Enterprise  (UPN)
2002             Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers  (Sci Fi)
2002-2002     Firefly  (Fox)
2003             Children of Dune  (Sci Fi) 
2003-2009     Battlestar Galactica  (Sci Fi)
2004-2009     Stargate Atlantis  (Sci Fi)
2005-            Doctor Who  (BBC One)
2009-2009     Red Dwarf  (Dave)
2009-2010     Caprica  (Syfy)
2009-2011     Stargate Universe  (Syfy)
2012-2012     Red Dwarf  (Dave)
2012             Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome  (Syfy)
2013-2015     Defiance  (Syfy)
2015-2015     Other Space  (Yahoo)
2015-            Dark Matter  (Space)
2015-            Killjoys  (Space)
2015-           The Expanse  (Syfy)
2017-           Star Trek: Discovery  (CBS All Access)


  1. Are you considering cartoons?

    I used to love these Space-based cartoons when I was a kid(I imagine I'd love them still if I rewatched!):

    Battle Of The Planets (1978-1985) - an absolute classis...should totally be included!
    Ulysses 31 (1981-1982)
    Star Wars: Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO (85-86)
    Star Wars: Ewoks (85-86)

    Then there is the modern Star Wars cartoons Clone Wars (both versions) and Rebels

    A far as live action shows go...There was a Nick Frost show from 2006-07 called Hyperdrive which I watched on Netflix and though it was pretty good

    Also - Wizards vs Aliens from Russell T..whilst mainly set on earth has "Aliens" in it and is somewhat set in Space.

    I also seem to remember a mid 90s show called "Homeboys In Outer Space" which was awful...which had James Doohan, George Takei and John Lithgow and also (weirdly) Gary Coleman and Little Richard in it..

    1. I'm mostly not including cartoons, although I've made a few exceptions.

      Never heard of "Hyperdrive" -- I'll have to check it out!

      "Homeboys In Outer Space" -- man oh man. I'm mostly skipping any sitcoms, too; gotta draw the line somewhere.

    2. Remembered some more from my childhood that I loved...Gerry Anderson stuff..did you get that in the US? I love, love , loved this show - for me, his best work..much better than Thunderbirds!
      Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons
      Space:1999 (actually just noticed you had that one!)

    3. I thought about including all of those. I've never seen a one of them, though; I plan to eventually see them all. (Especially "Space: 1999," which I've been curious about since I was a child).

      I will probably update this list soon and add most (if not all) the series you've mentioned. So if you've got more, keep sending 'em my way!